Frequently Asked Questions

Are your rentals rent-to-own or simply straight rentals?

All rentals at Cadence Music are Rent-To-Own.

Am I obligated to rent the instrument for a certain period of time?

No. Our rentals are done on a month-to-month basis.  You may return the instrument at any time.

Do my rental payments apply to the purchase of the instrument?

Yes, all your rental principal payments apply to the pruchase of the instrument.  Maintenance fees are for maintenance of the instrument and do not apply to the purchase.  Sales tax does not apply to the purchase, as it is remitted to the State of Florida.

Do you charge interest or finance charges on your rentals?

No, we do not charge interest or finance charges on our rentals.  We also do not use gimmicks or teaser rates, which increase after the first few months of the rental.  All our rental rates are level for the duration of the rental.

Is there a discount available for pre-payment of the rental instrument principal?

Yes, we offer a 30% discount off the remaining principal balance at any time during the rental period for early payoff.

Do you visit my child's school on a weekly basis to provide service and deliver supplies?

Yes, we visit most schools in our service area on a weekly basis to provide you the best service possible!

Should you have further questions, please call or e-mail.  We're here to help with all your musical needs!

[email protected]  239-275-6262, 239-939-9997,  800-262-2263

Thank you!
Cadence Music