2017 Step-up Brass

All of our instruments are thoroughly shop adjusted and play-tested by our in-house repair department. We strive to be competitive on our pricing so if you find a lower price, please let us know as we usually can match or beat any price! Come by to play test and compare different models.





French Horns
Conn 8D- Nickel silver, adjustble levers
Conn 8DRS - Kruspe wrap, removable bell, deluxe case
Conn 11DRS - Geyer wrap, rose brass detachable bell
John Packer JP164 - Intermediate model, adjustable finger hook and ducks  
Yamaha YHR-668NDII - Kruspe style wrap, nickel plated with detachable bell, newly designed mouthpipe and bell
Yamaha YHR-667D - Geyer style wrap, Lacquer finish with detachable bell

Bb Trumpets
Bach Strad 180S-37 -  Monel valves, silver, 37 bell
Bach Strad 180S-43 - Monel valves, silver, 43 bell
Bach Strad LR180S37 - Monel valves, silver plated, lightweight body, reversed leadpipe, 37 bell
Bach Strad LR180S43 - Same as above, reversed leadpipe, 43 bell
Conn Vintage 1 BSP - 459” bore, silver plated, modular valve weights, double case
Jupiter 1600IS - Yellow brass body, .453" bore, handcrafted B1 bell

Jupiter XO 1602S - .459” bore, monel pistons, silver plate, tourlite case
Yamaha YTR-6335S - Yellow brass bell, ML bore, silver plated

Yamaha YTR-8335LAS -Wayne Bergeron, .459” bore, great lead horn
Yamaha YTR-8310Z - Bobby Shew, Graduated bore, gold epoxy lacquer
Yamaha YTR-8310ZS - Same As 8310Z Except Silver-Plated
Yamaha YTR-8335IIRS - Xeno, ML bore, heavy receiver, reversed mouthpipe
Yamaha YTR-8335IIS - Xeno, ML bore, bright silver plated

C Trumpet
Bach Strad C180SL - Philly C, .462 bore, regular weight bell, silver plate  
Jupiter 604S -.461” bore, 4.8” bell, silver plate, Bb slide included
Yamaha YTR-8445IIS - Xeno model, .462" bore, silver plate

Piccolo Trumpet
Getzen Piccolo 3916S - Custom Piccolo, .451 bore, two piece copper bell, bright silver plate 

Jupiter 846RL 1st & 3rd valve water keys, .433", 6" bell, Rose Bell 3rd valve trigger, Rose brass bell
Yamaha YFH-631G - Gold brass bell, third valve slide trigger

Bach LT16M - .509” small bore, 7 1/2” bell, one piece bell, yellow brass bell, light weight nickel slide, open gooseneck
Bach 36 - medium-large .725" bore tenor, hand hammered yellow brass bell
Bach 36BO - Same as above, with the addition of a Traditional F rotor mechanism and open wrap design
Bach Strad 42BO - .547” large bore, 8 1/2” bell, F attachment, open wrap, nickel inner slide, yellow brass outer slide
Getzen 3047AF - Axial flow valve, three interchangeable leadpipes, yellow brass detachable bell
Jupiter 536L - .525” medium Bore, 8.1” bell, F attachment, mechanical link tapered rotory valve
King 2B - .481/.491 small bore, 7 3/8” bell, nickel silver outer slides, clear lacquer finish
Yamaha YSL-448G - .547” large bore, 8 1/2” bell, gold brass two piece bell, very versatile, great for concert or jazz band
Yamaha YSL-882GO - Xeno, .547” large bore, 8 1/16” bell, gold brass bell, Peter Sullivan mouthpiece

Bass Trombone
Jupiter 740RL - Double in-line independent rotors, Bb/F/Gb and D, .562” bore, 10” bell, nickel silver outer slides w/ chromed inner slides, rose brass bell, lacquer finish
Bach 50B3O - Open Wrap, Double in-line independent rotor system, Bb/F/Gb, .562” bore, 9 1/2” bell, brass outer slide, clear lacquer
Yamaha YBL-830 - Xeno Bass Trombone, double independent 5204 3637 in-line rotors, .563” bore

John Packer JP374S - 4-valve compensating, made in Germany

Jupiter 482L - 4-Valve, stainless pistons, removable valve section .709” bore, contoured front action valve cluster
Jupiter 582L - Concert model, contoured front action 4 valve, stainless steel pistons, .732” bore, wheeled case
Jupiter 584L - 5 valve (4 piston + 1 rotor) .732” graduated bore, stainless steel pistons, mechanical-link tapered rotary valve
Yamaha YFB-621S - Professional Tuba in the key F, 3/4 size, four front action, monel pistons and one thumb rotor... great solo horn!

Due to space limitations, we are unable to list every instrument in stock. Please call for additional information. Prices subject to change.