Trumpet 15A4A Mouthpiece . Schilke

SKU:  ae00-29232
Manufacturer Part #:  15A4A

For more than 60 years, Schilke Music Products has been a leader in trumpet mouthpiece design and manufacturing in the world. Many of our mouthpieces are classic, unique and have become industry standards.

Renold Schilke and William Scarlett, a Schilke employee and student of Renold O. Schilke before his appointment as 4th trumpet in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 1964, developed the Schilke mouthpiece labeling system. The labeling system we still use today for the Standard Series allows a player to quickly understand how one model relates to another within the mouthpiece line. These mouthpieces were a collaboration with trumpet artists and colleagues of Renold Schilke from 1950’s and early 1960’s.

A larger diameter mouthpiece with a shallow “A” cup and tight “a” backbore for upper register playing. #4 semi-flat rim offers comfort in upper register.

Model: 15A4A
Manufacturer: Schilke


SKU:  ae00-29232^15A4A
Manufacturer Part #:  15A4A
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