BELLCOVER-M Bell Cover (medium) . Superslick

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Manufacturer Part #:  BELLCOVER-M

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Available in 4 sizes, Superslick bell covers are made from a high quality double-brushed cotton cloth weave that will not scratch instrument surfaces and tie easily with the nylon drawstring cord.  These covers will not impact the intonation of the instrument and have minimal-to-no resistance when playing.  The non-stretchy material ensures even coverage surrounding the bell and can secure tightly around most bell sizes.  Hand-wash only.

Sizes Available:

Small – Fits up to 6.5″ bell

Medium – Fits up to 9″ bell

Large – Fits up to 17″ bell

Extra Large – Fits up to 20″ bell

Superslick does not guarantee efficacy against stopping  the distribution of respiratory aerosols that are released while playing wind and brass instruments.  These bell covers are strictly to be used in an effort to mitigate aerosol spread.

Manufacturer: Superslick

BELLCOVER-M Bell Cover (medium) . Superslick

SKU:  ae00-28101^BELLCOVER-M
Manufacturer Part #:  BELLCOVER-M
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