SKU:  ae00-27929
Manufacturer Part #:  WIN-D-FENDER

Win-D-Fender allows flutists to play in windy environments for the first time in history!

Win-D-Fender is the solution to a problem that has affected flute players for centuries. Wind silences the flute. Whether playing outside concerts, marching band performances, or wedding gigs on the beach, wind is a verifiable nightmare for flute players. Win-D-Fender solves this problem once and for all.

Lightweight and comfortable, Win-D-Fender installs easily, and safely secures to the flute, shielding the lip plate from all directions while not interfering with the player’s air stream.

Win-D-Fender’s ventilated design helps limit condensation, while enhancing sound projection so the flute may be heard outdoors like never before.

In addition, Win-D-Fender reflects the sound back to the player’s ear, creating a personal monitor even under ideal playing conditions.

Let the flutes be heard!

Manufacturer: Win-D-Fender


SKU:  ae00-27929^WIN-D-FENDER
Manufacturer Part #:  WIN-D-FENDER
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