SCHTBL-51 Schilke 51 Bass Trombone Mouthpiece . Schilke

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Manufacturer Part #:  SCHTBL-51

40B22.51.88615/64 (.2344″)Extremely small inner rim diameter and shallow “B” cup. This mouthpiece, with its wide-rounded rim, works well for the trumpet player who doubles on trombone.S
4022.53.88715/64 (.2344″)Since the cup diameter is small, the upper register is improved. In addition, the tone has considerable projection. It is excellent for the bass trumpet and valve trombone.S
42B22.99.92115/64 (.2344″)Contour profile – this mouthpiece is well suited for the small tenor trombone and lead/commercial playing.S
4223.22.91415/64 (.2344″)Slightly larger diameter and deeper than the 42B, the 42 features a standard “C” cup.S
43A23.57.92415/64 (.2344″)Contour profile – this mouthpiece was designed for the lead trombone player desiring an easy high register.S
44E424.28.95615/64 (.2344″)Though a small cup diameter, this mouthpiece offers a very deep “E” cup and semi-flat #4 rim.S L
45B24.3.95315/64 (.2344″)Contour profile – designed for the lead trombone player with a larger cup volume than the 43A.S
4524.38.96015/64 (.2344″)The semi-flat rim has a high point close to the center of the mouthpiece which allows for a great deal of flexibility. Ideally suited for the beginner trombone player.S
4624.54.96615/64 (.2344″)Slightly larger than the 45, this is also a good beginner’s mouthpiece.S L
46D24.76.97515/64 (.2344″)The cup diameter and volume is slightly larger than the 46, producing a full, resonant tone. Also recommended for the younger baritone/euphonium player.S L
47B24.87.979C (.242″)Contour profile – This mouthpiece is a good all-around mouthpiece for the jazz player that is requiring quick response and a resonant high register.S
4724.99.98415/64 (.2344″)For both professionals and students alike, this outstanding mouthpiece combines good response with superior tone quality and intonation.S L
47C425.1.98815/64 (.2344″)Like #47 but with a slightly wider, semi-flat #4 rim.S L
5025.41.0017/64 (.2656″)Particularly adapted to the medium and large-bore tenor trombones.  The Schilke standard options make this a fine all- around mouthpiece.S L
50C425.41.00F (.257″)The medium-deep cup and medium-wide rim make this mouthpiece an outstanding choice for medium and large-bore tenor trombones, combining a rich, full sound with a high level of efficiency and playability.S L
51B25.631.010F (.257″)This mouthpiece incorporates a large diameter with a medium-small “B” cup and small throatS L
5125.631.010J (.277″)A large bowl shaped cup producing a rich tone quality. Ideally suited for large bore tenor and orchestral performers.S L E
51C425.631.010J (.277″)Similar to the #51 with a slightly shallower cup and semi-flat #4 rim.S L
51D25.551.005J (.277″)One of our most popular, this mouthpiece offers a very large “D” cup and is excellent for the strong player. It is particularly suited for the Euphonium, producing a full dark tone.S L E
5225.781.01517/64 (.2656″)Slightly larger diameter than the 51, this mouthpiece produces a slightly broader sound.S L
52D25.781.0151/4 (.250″)Like the 51D, the large “D” cup makes this mouthpiece ideal for symphonic trombone playing. Also a good choice for the Euphonium player requiring a larger diameter than the 51D.S L E
52E225.911.020J (.277″)With its extremely deep “E” cup and narrower, rounder #2 rim makes this mouthpiece an ideal symphonic choice for the robust player. Also a good choice for Euphonium player requiring more cup volume than the 52D.S L
5326.241.03315/64 (.2344″)This combination of large cup diameter and bowl shape is widely favored by those who desire a rich full sound.S L

Model: SCHTBL-51
Manufacturer: Schilke


SKU:  ae00-21424^SCHTBL-51
Manufacturer Part #:  SCHTBL-51
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