YTR-9335CHSIII Xeno Chicago Series Bb Trumpet Outfit (silver plated) . Yamaha

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Manufacturer Part #:  YTR-9335CHSIII

The bell is one of its most important elements. The wall thickness gradually tapers, thinning as it gets closer to the rim. The flat dome style rim is wider than most modern trumpet bell rims, which helps hold the sound together even at extreme dynamics. The seam of the bell is aligned with the braces to improve tonal projection, and the braces are smaller so the bell, valves and leadpipe are closer together, giving a natural vibrancy to the entire trumpet.
The new shape of top and bottom valve caps and the skeletonized interior valve stems contribute greatly to the flexible response of the trumpet.
The first valve slide features a special brace which gives a stronger focus to the core of the tone for unparalleled definition and clarity.
The leadpipes are based on Bob Malone''s own design (MC1 for C, MB1 for Bb) and on the C its long taper ends in a reversed tuning slide. These leadpipes are largely responsible for the tonal expressivity of the trumpets, and you will find that notes slot easily and comfortably in all ranges, with exceptionally accurate intonation.
The 3rd valve slide stopper has been moved to allow extended slide play for a low F or to facilitate alternative fingerings. The oversized button on the end of the slide has been carefully researched to fine-tune the blowing resistance for better control.

Model: YTR-9335CHSIII
Manufacturer: Yamaha


SKU:  ae00-19490^YTR-9335CHSIII
Manufacturer Part #:  YTR-9335CHSIII
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