YAC-GOULD Mark Gould Trumpet Mouthpiece . Yamaha

SKU:  ae00-19422
Manufacturer Part #:  YAC-GOULD

This mouthpiece has been designed for a big orchestral sound with enough projection to fill a concert hall. The wide inner rim size and open throat allow a warm broad sound even at fortissimo. But unlike other large mouthpieces it isn't limited to just symphonic playing. The high range is remarkably secure, with centered and accurate intonation, and its rim shape and the balanced amount of air resistance make it comfortable to play for improved endurance. Though an orchestral mouthpiece, it is versatile enough for all-around playing. Silver-plated.

Manufacturer: Yamaha

YAC-GOULD Mark Gould Trumpet Mouthpiece . Yamaha

SKU:  ae00-19422^YAC-GOULD
Manufacturer Part #:  YAC-GOULD
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Price: $54.95

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