ME-55 Digital Quartz Metronome (black) . Yamaha


The ME-55 metronome is great for the musician on the go. It has one LED for observing the tempo and has a stepless tempo range from 30 bpm to 250 bpm. It also plays two reference pitches, in A and Bb and in both A=440 and A=442. The ME-55 also has a memory backup function and has 50 hours of battery life. With its powerful clip, the Yamaha ME-55 can attach to a music stand or clothing, so it can be positioned conveniently. This handy unit offers plenty of volume and a simple, one-button-per-function operation. Clip-on model fits perfectly on clothing or music stands for effortless operation. Includes key features such as dial-type volume control, a memory backup function and a superior beat visual on the LCD screen.

Model: ME-55
Manufacturer: Yamaha
ME-55 Digital Quartz Metronome (black) . Yamaha
Price: $27.95

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